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As a teenager, you are often confronted with life-changing decisions that will help push you into adulthood towards the person you wish to be. The same can be said about your oral health, as your adult teeth will finally all grow in and the oral health decisions you make can affect you forever. For a better understanding of the basics of teenage dentistry, listed below are common tips about your oral health as a teen:

– Make sure to wear protective gear such as mouth guards, face masks, and helmets when playing contact sports or any other similar high-risk activity.
– Stay away from all bad habits that can ruin a smile, including smoking, drinking, and using drugs.
– Try to remember to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once daily every single day.
– Prevent unnecessary risks to your mouth such as fashion statements from mouth jewelry. Wearing mouth jewelry can result in infections, cracked or chipped teeth, and cut or slice your gums. If a piece breaks off, it can also become a choking hazard.
– Protect your smile by visiting our pediatric dentists for routine checkups and bi-annual professional cleanings.

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