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If your child likes to suck their thumb or loves their pacifier, you may be concerned. You may wonder at what age it is right for them to grow out of such a habit or if it causes any problems.

For an infant, sucking is a natural reflex; it can even happen in the womb. It helps them to feel safe and happy as they learn and grow and therefore should not be discouraged.

Long-term thumb sucking and pacifier use, however, can create issues with the proper alignment of a child’s teeth. It can also cause changes to the roof of the mouth. It is of note that it is better for children to simply rest their thumbs or pacifiers in their mouths rather than aggressively suck on them.

Most children stop sucking their thumbs or using pacifiers between the age of two and four. After they turn two, you can start limiting the use of a pacifier, and get rid of them by age four. If thumb sucking continues after that age, you may also want to start bandaging their thumbs or putting socks over their hands at night to help them break the habit. If this doesn’t work, Dr. Benjamin Morgan or your family doctor may be able to fit your child with a mouth appliance or bad-tasting medication to coat the thumb.

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