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If you want your child to have a top-notch smile, then they need to keep up on oral hygiene. Now, this might be a difficult task if you and your child don’t quite know what to do. So, our pediatric dentist, Dr. Benjamin Morgan, is happy to tell you how to help your child keep up on oral hygiene. It’s important that your child does the following:

-Brush their teeth twice a day: As they brush, it’s best to use a child’s soft-bristled toothbrush. If they are 2 years old and older, they can use fluoride toothpaste (as long as they don’t swallow it). If they are younger than 2 years old, just use the toothbrush and water. Make sure the tools used have been approved by the American Dental Association.

-Floss their teeth once a day: As they floss, make sure they use a product that is easy to use. That way they decrease the chances of injuring their gums as they clean their smile. You can start flossing their teeth when two grow in next to each other. Again, make sure to use floss that has been approved by the ADA.

-Visit our pediatric dentist regularly: Dental checkups are very important because they deeply clean the smile, strengthen the teeth, fix dental issues, and even help your child feel more comfortable in the dental chair. Make sure they visit our pediatric dentist every six months.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about oral hygiene in Rockwell and Heath, Texas, please contact Rockwall Pediatric Dentistry today at 972-771-9933. Our dental team is happy to give you the answers you’re looking for, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to your phone call!