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Are you aware of the oral health implications of becoming a teenager? As if there wasn’t enough to worry about, teenagers are also reminded that the last of their permanent teeth will be growing in, so they will need to be taking care of their smile, so it can continue to last for several decades to come. Furthermore, teenagers will need to avoid an increase in unhealthy habits and peer pressure risks such as mouth jewelry and tobacco.

The risks associated with wearing mouth jewelry or chewing and smoking tobacco are immense. This is because mouth jewelry is often linked to several oral health risks associated with nerve damage, choking hazards, infectious diseases, and chipped or cracked teeth. Thus, you should avoid mouth jewelry as much as possible. Smoking and chewing tobacco are unhealthy for you because they can lead to tooth loss and cancer.

If you are involved in any contact sports, you need to make sure you’re always wearing the necessary safety appliances. This includes mouth guards, helmets, and face masks. It is important to wear effective safety gear, so you can prevent extreme dental damage from occurring. Even a single blow to your face can break your jaw or knock out several teeth, so you must always be aware of any risks that are present in your life and take the necessary steps to prevent them.

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