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Your child’s smile is full of differently shaped teeth designed to perform specific functions for biting and chewing the food your child eats. In particular, the molars and premolars in the back of the mouth have primary responsibility in grinding up bites of food, which is why their biting surfaces are often deeply textured with pits and fissures. Deep textures can also put your child’s back teeth at risk of tooth decay, requiring dental sealants to protect the tooth enamel.

If the biting surfaces are deeply textured enough that they are hard to clean with a toothbrush, they could trap particles of food and bacteria and cause the teeth to develop large cavities that weaken the tooth structure and require large dental fillings. At your child’s next dental checkup, our dentist can determine if the placement of dental sealants is needed to protect the biting surfaces by providing a barrier and the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth.

Dental sealants are placed following your child’s dental checkup, to ensure the teeth are clean and don’t have any lingering food particles that could become trapped. We use a clear or tooth-colored resin that is undetectable yet very durable, lasting for many years on your child’s back teeth.

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